When in Sorrento..

It was a usual Saturday morning, Hailey and I woke up really early to meet David, one of my old friends from high school who is actually living in Lyon. When we got over the excitement of seeing each other after some many years, the three of us headed to Termini, where we would be taking our train bounded for Naples. I have to admit I was very nervous to be going there, as I had heard very mixed opinions about this city. However, after many jokes, songs and anecdotes, we finally arrived.

The city was definitely not like anything anyone had told me, it definitely was not nearly as dirty or crowded as I was expecting it to be, but I will say that I´m glad I chose Rome as the city to be living in. Walking around with all of our bags got us pretty hungry after a little while and decided to go have some “Pizza Napolitana” at a place that one of our other roommates had recommended; “L´a Anticha Pizzeria Da Michele”. Our expectations were very high given that this pizzeria appeared in the famous movie “Eat pray love”… All I´m going to say is that my only regret is not getting the bigger size.


After our satisfying (in every possible way) meal, we headed back to the train station to catch the Circumvesuviana which takes you from Naples all the way to Sorrento for only 3 euro. Hailey had told us how amazing this little town was, but when we finally made there I could not  believe my eyes, Sorrento had become one of my favorite places in a matter of only minutes. Sadly, I wasn’t able to get many pictures of the Sunset because right after we got to our room we decided to head down to beach and leave all of our phones charging.


The next day we woke up relatively early and had breakfast in company of a local who gave us tons of recommendations of his favorite places, including a gelato place (because, how can a day go by without gelato?) and a Trattoria that ended up being one of my favorite meals during my entire time in Italy.

Amalfi was so much fun and we got to walk around the town for several hours admiring the huge lemon stands, and unbelievably beautiful sceneries all around. For our lunch, we decided to have gelato, of course, but the flavors here where so exotic and unique that I couldn’t pass on the opportunity of trying them at least once.


Our last few ours in Sorrento were very well spent at “L´a Antica Trattoria” a place so beautiful and picturesque that going was well worth it just to have the experience, but of course amazing food couldn’t hurt either.



I loved my weekend trip to Sorrento/Naples/Amalfi, I think it was by far one of my favorite weekends and I definitely wish I would’ve had more time than just a weekend to be here.


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