Departure: Rome, Destination: Venice! Bonding day for the Rome interns!

One of the many beautiful sights in Venice.
Trying to take a “serious” picture with Kevin is nearly impossible.
View of one of the churches in Venice.

While in Rome, it’s been pretty easy for the other interns and I to take off on weekend trips within Italy and to other cities in Europe. These past three weekends I have visited Brussels, Dubrovnik, Split, Neum, and Venice. These travels have been easy to organize due to the abundant forms of transportation in Rome.

This past Friday, I went to Venice with two other interns. We took a bus from Roma Tiburtina to Venice for only 25 euros roundtrip! Traveling outside of Rome is inexpensive and as I mentioned it is very easy to get around and find your way to the airport and train stations. Rome is near many other cities in Italy which made visiting Venice in a day doable. We left Rome at midnight and were in Venice early Friday morning. We had an eventful, one-day trip in Venice, which probably did not give us enough time to explore the city thoroughly. However, the fact that that was even possible still blows my mind, especially coming from Southern California where it takes me at least half a day just to reach Oregon!

Interns, Kevin and Ryan. Ryan being sassy after a long walk on a hot day. He actually had fun though, I swear!
Kevin walking through an alley in Venice.
View from Palazzo Ducale.

It was a unique and enjoyable experience being able to explore a new city with the friends I’ve made on site in Rome.  A friend of mine, who is currently interning in Venice, showed us around the city and took us to her favorite places in Venice. We wandered through Venice’s alley’s and visited some free museums. At the moment, Venice is hosting the Biennale, a major contemporary art exhibition that takes place every two years in Venice. After visiting different museums and exhibits, we sat at a port, enjoyed a refreshing spritz, and chatted about our experiences while living in Rome. Overall, our weekend trip was a success: we got to explore a new city all while catching up with each other. Rome’s location is very convenient for the students and interns, who like myself, enjoy weekend getaways.What we find most surprising is that in just a little over a month, we have started to refer to Rome as “home.” Each weekend getaway, we have found ourselves telling each other we are ready to come back home (to Rome).  In such a short amount of time, this city has had an impact on all of us.

IMG_6224 (1)
My friend, Stephanie, from back home. She is currently interning in Venice.
Art piece at “Sweet Death” exhibition for the Biennale.
Campanile di San Marco.

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One thought on “Departure: Rome, Destination: Venice! Bonding day for the Rome interns!

  1. bello Kelly, mi piace molto !

    sono molto belle anche le foto, brava!

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