“Caravaggio and the best espresso in town.”

CISabroad Grand Tour Students, Interns, and AUR Students at Piazza Navona
CISabroad Grand Tour Students, Interns, and AUR Students at Piazza Navona
caravaggio 3
Contarelli Chapel with Caravaggio paintings depicting the life of St. Matthew.

Last Thursday, interns, AUR students, and the Grand Tour group joined the faculty on a visit to San Luigi dei Francesi and Caffe Sant’ Eustachio. San Luigi dei Francesi is a French church located in the heart of Rome. It is dedicated to Virgin Mary, Dionysus, and more importantly St. Louis IX (former French King). King St. Louis IX played an important role in the Seventh and Eight Crusade and is the only French king who has been canonized. The church is home to Caravaggio’s first major artworks, the three paintings: The Calling of St. Matthew, The Inspiration of St. Matthew, and The Martyrdom of St. Matthew.  We were lucky enough to receive our own private tour of the church! The RomeSAE director Romina and I gave the group a brief history of the beautiful French church and paintings, while students got to explore the whole church on their own.

caravaggio4  caravaggio 2  caravaggio5

Caffe Sant'Eustachio
Caffe Sant’Eustachio
Best espresso in town.
Best espresso in town.

After our private tour of San Luigi dei Francesi, the staff took the group for a cup of the best espresso in town at Caffe Sant’Eustachio. Caffe Sant’Eustachio prepares the coffee with a secret recipe and is considered to be the best espresso place in town! The cafe roasts their own coffee beans and uses water from an ancient aqueduct to brew it. It’s believed that the water from the ancient aqueduct gives the coffee its unique flavor. As a coffee addict, I can assure this was one of the best cups of coffee I’ve ever had. Highly recommend this cafe for any coffee lover visiting Rome.

We concluded our evening by taking a group picture at Piazza Navona and saying our farewells to the CISabroad Grand Tour students, who are now Paris bound! It was such a pleasure to have met them and have them on site in Rome. Seeing them thank Romina for everything was very touching. I am very glad they enjoyed their time in Rome. Have fun in Paris, guys!

Farewell Grand Tour students!
Farewell Grand Tour students!

caravaggio 9


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