Benvenuti! Our home in Rome.


Pictures and words do no justice to describe how beautiful our apartment in Monteverde is. Due to my experiences with college housing (cramped, little dorm rooms), my apartment in Monteverde was not what I expected it to be. Our stunning apartment is located in a calm residential area in Rome, which is walking distance from the Trastevere Train Station and AUR. The other apartments are also located in the Monteverde area where they are offered many restaurant options, gelaterias, and cafes. Upon entering, my roommate and I IMMEDIATELY fell in love with our spacious apartment. The lighting and furniture give off a very calm and relaxed vibe as well as an aesthetic appeal to the apartment. We have two floors with a room upstairs and downstairs and each with its own bathroom.  There is a spacious lounging area as well as a comfortable dining and kitchen space (which my roommate and I cannot wait to start using). The apartment was given to us with everything we needed such as beds, sheets, pillows, towels, pots and pans, silverware, dishes, glasses, cooking utensils, a laundry machine, and a dishwasher.  All apartments come furnished and are provided with appliances and Wi-Fi. They also come with spacious balconies that offer nice views of Trastevere. The apartments in the Monteverde are definitely comfortable and spacious (far from the residential halls most of us are used to).

IMG_6675       IMG_6678

In addition to my apartments stunning aesthetic and relaxing vibe, the apartment is located conveniently near the Trastevere Train Station, along with other public transportation lines that will take you to downtown and other sites, as well as AUR. All the other apartments are located within the same vicinity as mine. There are local pizzerias, a supermarket, cafes, and a hardware store walking distance from the apartments. The neighborhood is very peaceful and hosts some friendly neighbors. In fact, our next door neighbor warmly greeted us upon our first encounter and even offered us an open invitation for lunch in her home. After an eventful day, coming back to the apartment definitely feels like home.


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